The Smuggler’s Curse

Jack’s Island
December 29, 2016
In Flanders Fields
December 29, 2016
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Award Winning Children's Book Smuggler's Curse


Red Read’s life takes an alarming turn when his mother sells him to an infamous smuggler plying his trade off the north-west coast in the closing days of the 19th century. From terrifying encounters with cut-throat pirates to battling the forces of nature in a tropical typhoon, Red is in for the adventure of a lifetime


Shortlisted WAYRBA 2015


‘This exciting, refreshingly politically incorrect tale … of smuggling, pirating and general blood-thirsty adventuring … is a thrilling, old-fashioned highly satisfying “blood and guts” Boys’ Own adventure.’ Magpies

‘Jam packed with action and adventure’ Reading Time

‘A frightening and exhilarating adventure aboard The Black Dragon.’ Cockburn Gazette

Dimensions198 x 128 x 20 mm

Fremantle Press, Year 2016






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